Kenya Sevens star narrates ‘scary’ experience after taking part in Safari Rally shakedown

Kenya Sevens star narrates ‘scary’ experience after taking part in Safari Rally shakedown

Joel Omotto 07:52 - 28.03.2024

The Kenya Sevens speedster was taken aback by the skills of Safari Rally drivers after a whirlwind of adrenaline and excitement as he took part in the shakedown.

Kenya Sevens star Patrick Odongo found himself caught up in a whirlwind of adrenaline and excitement as he took on the Safari Rally shakedown ahead of the main event set to rev off on Thursday, March 28.

The Loldia Ranch in the Ndulele Conservancy in Naivasha served as the battleground where drivers tested their mettle against a challenging 5.4km track.

As rally enthusiasts flocked to witness the action, Odongo couldn't contain his thrill, exclaiming, "It was one of the best experiences I've had."

Despite the rough terrain that had his heart racing, he couldn't help but admire the dedication of the drivers. "The road was rough, and my heart almost scared out of my rib cage, but it was a good experience. I really love the way these guys are dedicated to their work. Though it seems and looks dangerous, but they're really dedicated, and they love it."

The shakedown provided drivers with a chance to fine-tune their machines, ensuring they were ready to tackle the challenges ahead. While no points were earned during this phase, the performance served as a morale boost for the teams, giving insights into their preparedness for the main event.

Fans, both local and international, shared in the excitement. Seth Nyabere, who traveled from Australia for the rally, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, while Isaac Keith, President of the Uganda Fans Association, highlighted the growing support for motorsport in the region.

"I came with some of my friends whom I invited to come home and witness this annual event. The experience so far has been fantastic. With the rain starting, the weather looks promising, and I'm here to support my favourite team. I'm excited to see what the rest of the weekend has in store,” said Nyabere.

Keith said: "We are here for the WRC Safari Rally for the fourth year running, and each year brings a new experience. Spectator numbers continue to grow, and the atmosphere is electric. We're proud to support motorsport, and I'm personally cheering for Team Toyota and the Kenyan drivers."

With the shakedown behind them, all eyes are now on the main event, with cars gearing up for the first competitive action at the Kasarani Super Special Stage.

As the WRC Safari Rally officially revs into action, fans anticipate a weekend filled with high-speed thrills amidst Kenya's breathtaking landscapes.