Georg Linnamae explores boundless potential of GR Yaris Rally2


MOTORSPORTS Georg Linnamae explores boundless potential of GR Yaris Rally2

Festus Chuma 22:00 - 07.03.2024

Estonian rally driver Georg Linnamae has shared his exhilarating experience with Toyota's GR Yaris Rally2,

Estonian youngster Georg Linnamäe has shared his exhilarating experience and the remarkable potential he observed from Toyota’s innovative GR Yaris Rally2.

Recently transitioning to the cutting-edge Japanese vehicle for the current season, Linnamäe showcased his prowess at his inaugural FIA World Rally Championship start in Sweden last month.

Achieving a commendable podium finish in the WRC2 category, Linnamae not only impressed with his skill but also marked a significant milestone as the first GR Yaris Rally2 driver to clinch a fastest stage time.

"The car is completely new for this season. There’s still some development to be done, but securing two cars on the podium, with Sami Pajari finishing second in WRC2, indicates a promising start. I haven’t driven [the GR Yaris Rally2] on Tarmac yet, so I don’t think we’ll be scoring points in Croatia," he said in an interview with

Despite the lack of extensive experience with the new vehicle, Linnamae remains optimistic about future competitions, acknowledging the need to accumulate more mileage and familiarity with the car to bridge the gap with other Toyota drivers.

Linnamae's historic win in Umea was not without its challenges. 

"The conditions were quite crazy this day (Friday). We had an opportunity and it worked, but I don’t want to get too stuck on it. We know the conditions were a little bit freak, but we can still be proud of what we did," he concluded.

The victory marked Linnamae’s first ever race stage win in the WRC and his inaugural podium finish in the WRC2 category, finishing seventh overall. 

As the season progresses, the Estonian’s performance in the GR Yaris Rally2 continues to promise an exciting trajectory for both the driver and Toyota’s latest rally innovation.

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