Apollo Mbuki, Alex Kandie shines as Kenya finish second in FIM MX Challenge


Apollo Mbuki, Alex Kandie shines as Kenya finish second in FIM MX Challenge

Festus Chuma 21:00 - 10.12.2023

Kenyan motocross riders excel in a thrilling showdown against regional rivals, displaying unmatched skill in a fierce competition.

Kenyan riders Apollo Mbuki and Alex Kandie claimed top honors at the second and final round of the FIM Africa Central African Challenge (CAC) Motocross Challenge Cup, held at Jamhuri Park on Sunday.

The duo Kenyan champions left spectators on the edge of their seats as they battled fiercely against competitors from across the region.

Alex Kandie emerged victorious in the MX2 category, engaging in a breathtaking showdown with compatriot Ngugi Waweru.

Ngugi had secured the first heat on Saturday, setting the stage for an intense showdown. However, Kandie roared back on Sunday, snatching victory from Ngugi in a closely contested series of races.

The competition was so tight that Ngugi appeared poised for overall victory before Kandie made a stunning comeback.

Meanwhile, in the MX1 class, Apollo Mbuki of Kenya triumphed over Fortune Ssentamu of Uganda in another thrilling race.

Their rivalry had ignited during Saturday's single heat, where Ssentamu managed to clinch victory in a dramatic last-lap surge.

However, Mbuki demonstrated remarkable resilience, ultimately securing victory in a heart-pounding race.

The showdown between Kenyan and Ugandan riders showcased the essence of motocross competition, marked by high-speed racing, breathtaking jumps, and nail-biting turns.

Kayiira Tabula, a Uganda's MX Vets rider, commented on the fierce rivalry, saying, "It's always a great pleasure competing against Kenyan riders. In the early years, we looked up to Kenya for success, but after years of hard work, we have developed our strength as a country to be able to defeat our rivals."

Gift Malcom Tabula of Uganda emerged as the victor in the MX85 class, adding to Uganda's impressive performance at the event.

The CAC Round 2 track battles exhibited an extraordinary display of talent, with motocross riders from the region vying for top honors.

This exhilarating sport, characterized by dedication and skill, took center stage as the Motorcycle Sports Federation of Kenya (MSFK) joined forces with the East African Motor Sports Club to host this prestigious FIM Africa regional return leg series event.

After Uganda's success in Round 1 at the Busiika racetrack, this weekend's event featured over 50 Kenyan motocross riders, 50 Ugandan riders, and nearly 10 riders from Tanzania.

The competition, open to FIM member countries in the region, promised thrills and spills, with fierce rivalry and high stakes.

Uganda had taken the lead in the first round, securing a substantial advantage with a total of 1,643 points, leaving Kenya in second place with 408 points.

The upcoming second round became crucial for Kenya to close the gap, especially considering the challenges faced during the initial round due to inadequate financial support.

Each participating country fielded a team comprising athletes across various classes, showcasing the diversity and inclusivity of the motocross community.

The classes contested over the weekend included MX50cc, MX65cc, MX LITES, MX 125, MX2, MX1, VMX, Masters, and WMX. 

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