Shabana coach explains why fans should lower their expectations

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FOOTBALL Shabana coach explains why fans should lower their expectations

Joel Omotto 07:09 - 31.07.2023

Sammy Okoth has called for patience from Tore Bobe supporters following their Premier League promotion.

Shabana FC head coach Sammy Okoth has warned the club’s supporters against expecting too much from the team in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League (FKFPL) next season, following their promotion.

Tore Bobe returned to the top flight in June following a 17-year absence and put the icing on the cake by clinching the second-tier National Super League (NSL) title.

Shabana had a flawless season, losing five out of their 32 matches, while they had the best defence that conceded just 14 goals, with only Murang’s Seal scoring more after Vincent Nyaberi’s men netted 55 to Tore Bobe’s 54.

However, Okoth feels the Premier League will be a different ball game hence the need to be patient with his players as they adapt to the increased standards.

“Fans expect a lot from us given the standards we have set but they need to know this is not NSL anymore and they should support their team in whatever way,” said Okoth.

“They should not be worried when their team does not win or has a poor start. They need to give it full support and I believe they now understand the team.”

Okoth feels fans’ patience will be key to how the players handle the pressure that comes with playing the top flight, drawing comparisons with their NSL run when the supporters helped them secure wins in certain matches that they had started badly.

“There are many things that they were withstanding last season like whenever we were not doing well in a match, they still supported us until we turned the tables and won. They expect a lot but we must plan well to the extent that when we lose someone, a replacement is readily available,” he added.

Okoth has urged the Shabana leadership to help him assemble a formidable squad that will not end up fighting relegation in the Premier League.

The tactician feels the first way to doing so is ensuring the financial struggles of last season are dealt away with so that his charges can focus solely on football and not think about where their next meal will come from.

Shabana’s first Premier League match will take place on August 26 when they travel to Nairobi for a date with Kariobangi Sharks.