Cameroon U-turn their decision to sack Mark Brys as legendary former striker Samuel Eto'o begs for forgiveness

Cameroon U-turn their decision to sack Mark Brys as legendary former striker Samuel Eto'o begs for forgiveness

Mark Kinyanjui 20:00 - 30.05.2024

Marc Brys will continue as Cameroon head coach after an apology was made by Eto'o in a bizzare press conference.

In a surprising turn of events, Samuel Eto'o, the president of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot), has publicly reconciled with Marc Brys, the Belgian coach appointed by the country's Sports Ministry.

 This follows an intense confrontation that initially led to Brys' dismissal.

At a press conference, Eto'o issued a heartfelt apology to Brys. "I apologise because in our unfortunate first meeting, there were lots of emotions... I prefer to put it that way," Eto'o stated.

 He emphasized the importance of unity and professionalism in their collaboration, saying, "The only interest has to get us to work. Like I told the coach, we have convictions we won't change. For two years we have been working to give our football the best."

Eto'o also highlighted that past administrative issues within Fecafoot had been resolved, ensuring a more supportive environment for Brys. 

"I think regarding the administrative side that gave us problems in the past, we no longer have such problems. The coach comes to an environment where he will need a very professional administrative side," he explained.

He further reassured Brys of his support, linking their destinies to the success of the national team. "Among the last people to stand by you, I will be there because our destinies are linked. If we win, the president I am won't have issues... but if we lose, I will have problems regarding salary payment and the advancement of the mission," Eto'o admitted.

This reconciliation follows a tumultuous period where Brys, appointed by the Sports Ministry in April, faced resistance from Fecafoot. Eto'o was notably absent from Brys' unveiling and their initial meeting was marked by a public confrontation. 

Eto'o demanded respect, asserting, "I’m the president of the federation. And you don’t talk to me like that, I was a coach too. As a footballer, you could never talk to me. You sit down and we work."

The clash escalated with Brys' support staff being barred from Fecafoot offices and a sports ministry official being prevented from attending a crucial meeting. 

The situation seemed irreparable when Brys left the meeting, prompting Fecafoot to announce his replacement by Martin Ndtoungou as interim head coach.

However, the emergency meeting led to a reversal of this decision, and Eto'o's apology signals a new beginning.

 "I thank you once again while apologising for the last time. We don't have much time. He has to do all so we start winning... it won't be easy but I ask you all to be indulgent," Eto'o urged. 

The press conference marks a pivotal moment, with both Eto'o and Brys committed to building a sustainable future for Cameroonian football.

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