Former Tusker defender Jockins Atudo explains how Tanzanian football left Kenya behind

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Former Tusker defender Jockins Atudo explains how Tanzanian football left Kenya behind

Joel Omotto 08:05 - 09.06.2024

Veteran defender Jockins Atudo has given reasons that make Tanzanian football tick over Kenya who were top in the region some years back.

Former Tusker FC defender Jockins Atudo believes Tanzanian football is at the top because the country’s league is well marketed unlike in Kenya.

Atudo, who also played for Sony Sugar and Posta Rangers, experienced first-hand the differences during his two-year spell in Tanzania with Azam FC, between 2012 and 2014, and feels it will take Kenya a number of years to catch up.

“They [Tanzanians] hype their league so much to the extent you would think the players are world class when they actually are not,” Atudo told The Exit Show.

“They have newspapers in the morning, afternoon and evening all talking about football.

“Our league was the first to be on TV but they came and overtook us. They have decided to catch up with South Africa and north African leagues and they have good sponsorship.

“Right now, if Gor Mahia were to play against Simba or Yanga, the game would not be easy for them like before. Yanga had a very good game against Mamelodi Sundowns which shows their league is top.”

Atudo feels not having Kenyan football on TV for some years contributed to the lack of interest in the league with foreign players opting to move across the borders, hence denying the country the quality and hype it badly needs.

“They have a lot of foreign players compared to us. The Kenyan league now does not have top foreigners like we had Meddie Kagere, Jacques Tuyisenge and the likes. We have not had our league on TV for some time which keeps foreigners away,” added Atudo.

“Most of these players want to be in the limelight so that they market themselves to other top leagues. It is difficult to do that when the games are not on TV.”

Tanzanian football has enjoyed a renaissance in the last four years with Yanga and Simba now brushing shoulders with Africa’s best while the league is generating a lot of revenue from multiple sources.

The Kenyan league is struggling to attract top players and sponsorship and it is hoped that the broadcast deal signed between the Football Kenya Federation and Azam TV last year will give it the much-needed visibility.

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