Dennis Oliech explains how he would solve unpaid player wage situation if elected FKF president

FOOTBALL Dennis Oliech explains how he would solve unpaid player wage situation if elected FKF president

Mark Kinyanjui 09:00 - 12.02.2024

Oliech has revealed how he will solve the long-standing player-wage problem amongst local-based players in Kenya if elected FKF President.

Former Harambee Stars striker Denis Oliech has revealed how he will solve player wage issues in Kenyan football if elected president of the Football Kenya Federation.

Oliech has put his hat on the ring, aiming to run for the seat himself or collaborate with Hussein Mohammed and fellow former teammate McDonald Mariga.

There have been several cases of players going on strike due to failing to get their wages on time or being underpaid, which has led to incidents of match-fixing  in the past.

Oliech has now revealed how he will solve the situation if elected president in future. 

“I have seen people saying that ‘even if I was good in football, I cannot be good at management’,” Oliech told Radio Jambo.

“Football is not about books, it is about players being treated well. Eating well and sleeping well.

“Footballers should not be paid in cash. People should use bank accounts so that should any trouble arise, you will be able to account for everything well, so that, if you take that issue of not being paid forward, you will be able to easily account for the situation.”

Oliech was quick to slam Sofapaka for allegedly failing to play their players for extended periods of time which led to them going on striker, which he thinks is an embarrassment to Kenyan football.

“I heard that Sofapaka have not paid a player for 12 months! Call them ! Ask them ! If FIFA found out, they’d instantly ask the federation if they are serious.

“That is how match fixing starts. If someone offers you 100,000 shillings to let in two goals, won’t you accept it? That is what affects our football in Kenya.”

Oliech has advocated for a standard wage structure he will get all clubs to implement in future.

“We have to ensure players will be paid and we have to ensure there is a cash limit. A 17 or 18, a player should not earn less than 50 ,000 while the rest earn 300 or 400, 000 shillings.

“Our highest earning player earns just 200,000 shillings.”

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