Darajani Gogo coach calls for enhanced refereeing standards in NSL matches

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NSL Darajani Gogo coach calls for enhanced refereeing standards in NSL matches

Festus Chuma 21:30 - 29.06.2023

Coach says poor officiating hampers team's performance and urges federation to take action for a level playing field.

Darajani Gogo coach Caleb Aringa has expressed his frustration with the poor refereeing in their recent National Super League (NSL) match against Gusii FC, which resulted in a 1-0 loss for his team.

The match took place at Gusii Stadium on Wednesday afternoon, leaving the Kibera-based side in seventh place on the table.

In a post-match interview, Aringa highlighted the impact of poor refereeing on his team's performance, especially when playing away matches, and called the federation to take action on the issue.

"Poor refereeing has been our major setback, especially while playing away. I just ask the federation to be on the ground and deal with this issue and not leave it to referees and match commissioners alone," Aringa stated.

The gaffer emphasized the need for a match broadcaster to televise every game, believing that it would help combat hooliganism and prevent teams from resorting to dirty tricks to secure victories.

"If we have a match broadcaster so that every game can be televised, we can stop these things of hooliganism and dirty tricks being used by teams to win matches," Aringa explained.

Despite the loss, Gogo displayed dominance throughout the match, with numerous clear-cut chances that they failed to convert into goals.

Dennis Mabeya managed to score the lone goal of the match in the 47th minute, securing victory for Gusii FC.

Following the defeat, Darajani Gogo dropped to seventh place on the NSL table, maintaining their 43 points, while Gusii FC's win propelled them to fifth position with 44 points.

Darajani Gogo's final match of the season will be against Migori Youth on Sunday at Camp Toyoyo Grounds.

The team will aim to end their season on a high note and potentially improve their position in the table.