Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez retains title in unanimous decision over Jaime Munguia

Jaime Munguia (L) and Saul -Canelo- Alvarez (R) during the fight for the undisputed super middleweight championship, at T-Mobile Arena on May 5, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez retains title in unanimous decision over Jaime Munguia

Festus Chuma 09:50 - 05.05.2024

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez defeated Jaime Munguia by unanimous decision, retaining his super middleweight title in a closely contested fight.

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez has retained his undisputed super middleweight championship with a resounding unanimous decision victory against Jaime Munguia in Las Vegas on Sunday morning. 

Munguia, a formidable opponent with an undefeated record of 43-0 before this fight, posed a significant challenge with his impressive streak of 34 knockouts.

The early moments of the bout showed Munguia’s aggressive intentions as he put Alvarez on the defensive notably pushing him into the ropes during the third round. 

However, Alvarez quickly shifted the momentum in his favor starting in the fourth round. He unleashed a series of precise and powerful shots to Munguia's face, gaining control over the middle rounds.

Despite Munguia’s vigorous efforts to reclaim the lead in the ninth round Alvarez effectively countered Munguia’s combinations maintaining equilibrium in the tightly contested round. 

The final round saw Munguia desperately seeking a knockout to overturn the tide, but Alvarez remained composed delivering crucial blows that sealed his victory.

Post-fight, Alvarez expressed his pride in performing in front of a predominantly Mexican crowd, praising Munguia’s strength but noting his slight lack of speed which Alvarez capitalized on. 

“He's a great fighter. He's strong, he's smart... But he's a little slow. I can see every punch. Sometimes he got me because I get so confident... I did really good and I feel proud about it. ... I'm the best fighter right now for sure,” Alvarez remarked as per ESPN.

On the other side, a visibly disappointed Munguia acknowledged his early dominance in the fight but admitted that Alvarez’s experience was a decisive factor. 

“I came out strong and was winning the early rounds. I let my hands go, but he's a fighter with a lot of experience. The loss hurts because it's my first loss and I felt strong. There's no doubt I would have beaten anyone else tonight,” said Munguia.

This victory not only cements Alvarez's status as one of the premier boxers in the super middleweight category but also highlights his ability to overcome adversity and clinch wins against younger vigorous contenders.

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