Usain Bolt slams World Athletics for 'not evolving' since his retirement

Usain Bolt is the fastest man that ever lived.

ATHLETICS Usain Bolt slams World Athletics for 'not evolving' since his retirement

Joel Omotto 13:02 - 23.03.2024

Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt has hit out at World Athletics for allowing the sport to lose interest among fans since his retirement.

Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt has joined those calling for World Athletics to make the sport more exciting.

World Athletics has been slammed by athletes both past and present for ‘sleeping on the job’ while track and field is left behind, leading to lack of interest in the sport and low earning for athletes.

Now, Bolt, who made the sport exciting during his illustrations career, has called on World Athletics president Sebastian Coe to find ways in which the sport can gain global interest while lauding multiple world champion Noah Lyles for doing the most to promote the sport.

“Track and field needs the attention because I think our sports goes under the radar since I have retired. So, it is good that he [Noah Lyles] is trying to do different things to bring the sport back,” Bolt told Athletics Weekly.

“I love the competitions but track and field needs to evolve. They really need to look into ways they can change things. Until we evolve, track and field is going to float on the radar no matter how much we try. We have to evolve so people can get more excited for it.”

The 100m and 200m world record holder does not mind being on the forefront in terms of promoting the sport if World Athletics makes him an ambassador.

“I still want to do it but you have to talk to the president. Until he makes a decision, I cannot do anything,” added Bolt.

Bolt’s sentiment’s mirror those of American sprint legend Michael Johnson who has been calling on the powers that be to ensure the sport is more exciting so that it can compete favourbaly with the rest.

Johnson has been a big critic of World Athletics’ decisions on key issues as he feels the sport is lagging behind because of an inability to embrace change.

Meanwhile Bolt has explained how he is missing the sport since retiring in 2017.

“It’s the crowd. That first entry into the stadium, they see you and they scream. That first rider when you step on your blocks and the energy picks up so me its just the adrenaline, the vibes and energy is something I miss,” said the eight-time Olympic champion.

Like Johnson, Bolt was the star attraction at athletics events during his highly successful career with events sold out whenever he signed up for them.

However, things have changed in the seven years since his retirement with Lyles trying to bring the ‘sexy back’ in recent years.

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