Usain Bolt reveals the sport he dreamt of playing as a child, and its not sprinting

Usain Bolt reveals the sport he dreamt of playing as a child, and its not sprinting

Mark Kinyanjui 16:31 - 06.06.2024

Usain Bolt has opened up on how he would never have pursued a career in track and field were it not for his father, having wanted to make it big in a totally different sport.

Usain Bolt has revealed the career he wanted to pursue as a youngster before turning to sprinting, the sport that made him a legend.

In an effort to captivate a new audience for cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) turned to Bolt to become their ambassador, in efforts to attract more fans to the sport and promote the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup. 

The sprinter's unparalleled influence and global appeal make him an ideal figure to bridge the gap between cricket and the American audience.

The choice of Bolt is particularly poignant because, as he revealed in a later interview with EsquireMe from his home in Kingston, Jamaica, cricket was actually his first love.

"I think it’s pretty cool that I get to be part of the sport now, because when I was younger, to be honest, I wasn’t really interested in track and field, I wanted to be a cricketer," Bolt shared. This surprising revelation adds a layer of depth to his involvement with the ICC's promotional efforts.

Bolt explained that his initial passion for cricket was influenced by the sport's immense popularity in the West Indies. 

However, the political dynamics within Jamaican cricket at the time dissuaded him from pursuing it professionally. 

This decision, made by his father Wellesley Bolt, a small shop owner in the town of Sherwood Content, ultimately led Usain down a path that would redefine athletics. 

"It was actually my dad who made the decision that I would commit to track and field once I went to high school. He was very savvy to the politics of Jamaican cricket at the time and thought I would have a better chance of making a name for myself if I stuck to the track," Bolt recounted.

As one of the greatest track athletes ever, Bolt's career achievements include eight Olympic gold medals, 11 World Championship titles, and three world records. His dominance was so profound that he is often cited as the greatest sprinter in history.

Bolt is the is the only man to win both the 100m and 200m sprint events at three consecutive Olympic Games. If someone were to challenge his record soon, they would need to win both events in Paris this summer and remain undefeated in Olympic sprints until 2032. 

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