Noah Lyles urges fans to listen to controversial US rapper

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Noah Lyles urges fans to listen to controversial US rapper

Joel Omotto 16:10 - 17.04.2024

Multiple world champion Noah Lyles has advised his fans to consider listening to the famous US rapper whose music contains some controversial lyrics.

American sprint king Noah Lyles has advised fans to listen to US rapper 50 cent who seems to be among his favourite artists.

Lyles, who has an interest in music, has told his supporters to consider listening to the controversial rapper whose music talks about various issues such as guns, drugs and love.

“If you ain’t listening to 50 then you losing,” Lyles posted online, a post that received mixed reaction from fans.

“Nice role model for your younger fans, Noah. Weapons, drugs, domestic violence, felony assault, lord knows what else he got away with doing,” responded one fan in what was a subtle dig at Lyles over the kind of message 50 Cent promotes in his music.

Away from the track, Lyles also has interest in music where he uses the pseudonym, Nojo18. He has released music that is available on streaming sites.

Self-described as an “artist” and “rapper” on his Instagram bio, Lyles released his first full-length album in April of 2020, called “A Humans Journey.”

“You have to figure out what the purpose of the journey is by listening to the album,” Lyles told “Because the journey to heaven is not a sprint.”

While he remains prolific on both the race track and a musical one, Lyles combined the two in 2019, when he and Olympic silver medal-winning pole vaulter Sandi Morris performed their song “Souvenir” at the opening ceremony of the Diamond League finals in Zurich.

His interest in rap is perhaps why he admires 50 Cent, one of the world’s top music icons, known for popular songs such as In Da Club, Window Shopper, 21 Questions among others.

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