Noah Lyles fields questions on contents of his 'mysterious' suitcase that goes wherever he goes

Noah Lyles fields questions on contents of his 'mysterious' suitcase that goes wherever he goes

Abigael Wafula 19:00 - 23.06.2024

Triple world champion Noah Lyles has finally disclosed what he usually carries in his suitcase every time he shows up for a race.

Three-time world 200m champion Noah Lyles has made it a norm to pull up to events with a suitcase and fans have always been curious about what the American always has in there.

The triple world champion, after his win in the men’s 100m heats at the USATF Olympic trials, explained that having the briefcase is to maintain the hype.

Lyles added that he usually wants to generate hype and excitement and that’s why he had to maintain the consistency of showing up with the briefcase in every meet that he attends. He observed that carrying around the briefcase leaves fans curious about what he has carried inside there, something he enjoys doing.

The American sprint king, also being a fashion icon, added that he has different uniforms in the suitcase and he will show up in different ones for each race.

“The briefcase is to keep hype… If you’re generating excitement and hype, it’s like, ‘gosh, what’s in the freaking briefcase?’ You want to know what’s in the briefcase!

“Well, I pulled out this uniform. It’s all white. I’ve got three more uniforms and they all come in the briefcase. So, we’re going to have to wait each time which colour I’m going to be pulling out of that briefcase,” Lyles said in a post-race interview.

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Many had thought the briefcase carries Lyles’s medals but he noted that he has a trophy case where he keeps the medals and he added that the only time he goes out with his trophy case is when they are doing no profit things and they get to show children.

“All my medals are constantly on the move and to be honest, I actually don’t know where all them are at this point but my mom might have a few, I might have one, my girlfriend might have one but they are moving,” he said.

He added that showing the kids the medals is a sign that they can achieve anything and it also shows the hard work that he has had to put in to ensure he gets to the top as one of the world’s fastest sprinters.