Michael Johnson opens up about massive changes set to happen in track & field in 2025

Michael Johnson opens up about massive changes set to happen in track & field in 2025

Abigael Wafula 19:34 - 03.04.2024

Michael Johnson, through his partnership with Winners Alliance, aims to see that athletes are paid handsomely when they attend events and give fans a good feel of track and field.

American sprint king Michael Johnson, a four-time Olympic gold medallist, has formed a partnership with Winners Alliance to create a series of events starting in 2025.

Johnson hopes to ensure that athletes are paid the highest amounts possible when they show up for events and have one-on-one clashes. For instance, the clash between Marcell Jacobs and Fred Kerley, who were beefing last season, would see the two athletes being paid handsomely for making an appearance on the track.

At the moment, a win at the World Championships will see an athlete pocket about $70,000 prize while in the Diamond League, the top annual track and field series sees athletes walk away with $10,000 to winners at each event in the series and $30,000 for a win in the Diamond League Meeting final

“The fans are not getting what they want and the athletes are not being compensated. They’re struggling. They’re not being recognised for their greatness at a scale that other professional athletes are," said Johnson.

“Track has a problem, for sure, but it’s not a demand problem. The demand is there. The supply is the problem,” Johnson said as per the Sports Business Journal.

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Winners Alliance and Johnson plan to launch a series of events in 2025 and Johnson hinted that they do plan to limit the number of events and athletes.

Johnson added that the partnership brought more than just capital. Winners Alliance, the for-profit arm of the Professional Tennis Players Association, came in focused on helping athletes recognise more value from their talent. However, the American did not disclose the terms of the partnership.

“We’re not doing this to throw on an event or two and see what happens. We’re in this for the long haul. It’s really a platform to allow the athletes to show the world what they have. For so long, they’ve been able to do it once every four years,” he added.