Curtis Olago opens up on Kabras Sugar's major advantage over KCB


RUGBY Curtis Olago opens up on Kabras Sugar's major advantage over KCB

Joel Omotto 05:30 - 21.03.2024

KCB RFC coach Curtis Olago has given an insight into how his side have remained one of the most successful teams in Kenyan rugby in recent years.

KCB RFC head coach Curtis Olago has revealed that Kabras Sugar have a slight edge over his team with some of the Bankers players being semi-professional while the Sugar Millers are 'all about rugby'.

KCB effortlessly made it to the Kenya Cup playoff semi-final, alongside Kabras Sugar, just like it has been in recent years, and they are fancied to wrestle the title from the Sugar Millers.

The Bankers recorded only two losses in the regular season to Kabras Sugar and Menengai Oilers, as they made it to the semi-final where they will take on Oilers who overcame Blak Blad 26-12 on Saturday.

Olago feels his side have remained successful because they maximize their resources, even though they have to deal with a number of challenges unlike their rivals Kabras.

“KCB and Kabras have different environments. KCB has guys who go to work and play rugby, we are not fully professional so it is up to us coaches to be creative enough to be able to compete compared to Kabras who are all about rugby,” Olago told Citizen TV.

“We look at the challenges that we have like players get jobs out of the county and have to move. So, it gets to a time that we need to transition with younger guys which involves lots of things like recruiting which is a major thing to put emphasis on.”

The tactician feels the other thing that makes them successful is the fact that they do due diligence before bringing in players and he has also been helped by his former role as Kenya U20 (Chipu) coach with most of his recruits being players he is familiar with.

“We have to look at the player profile because KCB needs certain profiles for our game model. Like if it is props, what kind of props are we looking at? 110kg, 120kg etc,” he added.

“Fortunately, I have been coaching Kenya U20 and most of the guys I have coached there play the brand of rugby KCB plays and they tend to be recruited by the club so it is an easier transition because the same model is what we use at the club.”

KCB and Kabras have dominated the Kenya Cup in the last eight years, Olago’s men winning five titles over that period, including four straight between 2017 and 2021.

During that time, Kabras were on the losing end until 2022 when they turned the tide in their favour to claim the last two titles at the expense of the Bankers.

This year looks to be the same with the two showing remarkable dominance yet again.

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