Prisons coach Baraza on why Kenya men's volleyball is 'underperforming'

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VOLLEYBALL Prisons coach Baraza on why Kenya men's volleyball is 'underperforming'

Abigael Wafula 18:06 - 24.03.2023

Malkia Strikers have been outshining their men counterparts.

Former national women's league champions Kenya Prisons coach Josp Baraza has sighted lack of exposure as the major undoing of the men’s national volleyball team.

Baraza observed that the men’s team, commonly known as Wafalme, has not been granted the chance to participate in as many international tournaments as compared to the ladies’ teams (Malkia Strikers).

Malkia Strikers got the chance to represent the country at the 2019 Women’s World Cup, the 2020 Summer Olympics, and the 2022 FIVB World Championships.

“The men’s team lacks exposure, they mostly play in the country and if they go far, it’s East Africa. We have very many talented players in the national team. The incoming leaders should also look into the men’s team and help them grow,” Baraza said, as quoted by Nation Sport.

Baraza also called upon the incoming Kenya Volleyball Federation (KVF) board to nurture talent at the grassroots. He said the players have the talent but they lack clubs to play for.

“They need to make the aim of growing talent at the grassroots level. That’s where we get quality players from and the leaders who will be voted for should pull up their socks,” he said.

Meanwhile, Baraza’s opposite number David Lung’aho also insisted that nurturing young talent is key to the growth of the sport. He added that the incoming head honchos should also be keen to develop Beach Volleyball.

“They should focus on developing the sport through having youth programs…most players in the national team will not be there for long,” he said.

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