Karan Patel stuns Zambia by beating Leroy Gomes to keep ARC title dreams alive

MOTORSPORTS Karan Patel stuns Zambia by beating Leroy Gomes to keep ARC title dreams alive

Festus Chuma 20:45 - 22.10.2023

Karan Patel's Zambia Rally win over Leroy Gomes keeps his FIA African Rally Championship hopes alive in a thrilling showdown

Karan Patel of Kenya emerged triumphant at the prestigious Sarago Zambia International Rally in Lusaka, breathing new life into his pursuit of the coveted FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) title.

This thrilling victory showcased Karan's exceptional skill and determination as he raced his way to the top of the podium, setting the stage for a nail-biting final round of the ARC in Rally Tanzania.

The exhilarating competition in Zambia witnessed a stunning déjà vu as the top two positions mirrored those of the previous Rally Zambia edition, with Karan Patel once again outpacing the local favorite, Lorez Gomes.

Karan's dominance on the rally circuit was further validated, solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in the world of African rallying.

Among the Kenyan contenders in the race, Hamza Anwar secured a commendable fifth place finish, while the podium was graced by Ugandan sensation Jas Magat, who clinched a well-deserved third place.

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The fourth position was claimed by Yassin Nasser, adding to the international flavor of the competition.

In the aftermath of his triumph, an elated Karan Patel expressed his gratitude to the dedicated team that played a pivotal role in his success.

“We're thrilled to announce that we emerged victorious in the Zambia round of the Africa Rally Championship! A massive shoutout to our dedicated team, who put in endless hours of hard work, from the roll-in practice to repairing those small and big breakages and damages during the event," he wrote.

"Their incredible efforts made this win possible, and this victory is dedicated to each and every one of them. Special thanks to my family, my wife, our fantastic team, our supporters, friends, and fans for your unwavering support!.”

With his triumph in Zambia, Karan Patel now finds himself in a riveting tie for the top spot in the ARC standings alongside Yassin Nasser.

The thrilling climax of the ARC awaits in Rally Tanzania, where the two titans of African rallying will battle it out for the ultimate championship glory.