‘Messi never needed a coach because he knows everything’ - Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho believes Messi never needed a coach

‘Messi never needed a coach because he knows everything’ - Jose Mourinho

Kolawole Babatunde 15:20 - 09.02.2024

Former Roma, Real Madrid, Tottenham, and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho opens up about his admiration for Lionel Messi.

Speaking in a recent interview with Youtuber Ohm, the Portuguese revealed players he wished he could have coached while also revealing the reason he thinks Messi never needed a coach.

Mourinho reveals the two players he tried hard to work with

Totti in one of the games for AS Roma|imago

In a heartfelt discussion, Mourinho reveals his desire to have coached Italian legends Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti during his illustrious career. Reflecting on missed opportunities, Mourinho expresses his regret at not being able to work with these esteemed players, particularly during his stints at Inter and Real Madrid.

“I would have liked De Rossi at Inter and Real Madrid, but it wasn’t possible. I would have liked Totti at Inter even at a very high age but it wasn’t possible. There are always players you would like to coach but cannot,” Mourinho laments.

‘Messi knows everything’

Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho | Credit: Imago

When asked about the one player he wishes he could have coached, Mourinho's admiration for Lionel Messi shines through. He acknowledges Messi's unparalleled talent, stating, “One in particular? I don’t have a player I can tell you. Messi has never needed a coach. Who tells you ‘I coached Messi’?. It’s absurd. Messi knows everything, he was born with everything. You can only say that I had the honor of having trained him.”

Mourinho and Messi were never on same team, as the Portuguese only managed teams that battled Barcelona in Europe and Spain.

Roma memories and an uncertain future

Mourinho also spoke about his time at Roma, reminiscing about his achievements and setbacks, including the bittersweet loss in the Europa League final to Sevilla. Despite his successes, Mourinho acknowledges the pain of defeat, recounting past losses in Champions League semi-finals and Europa League finals.

Amidst speculation about his future, Mourinho's potential move to Saudi Arabia remains uncertain, with Napoli denying any interest in securing his services.