Kabras Sugar coach thanks fans for unwavering support after achieving incredible three-peat Kenya Cup title

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Kabras Sugar coach thanks fans for unwavering support after achieving incredible three-peat Kenya Cup title

Mark Kinyanjui 18:30 - 12.04.2024

Katywa has hailed the club's fans for their role in helping Kabras win the Kenya Cup title unbeaten.

Carlos Katywa, the head coach of Kabras Sugar, has expressed profound gratitude to the club's fans for their unwavering support, attributing it to their recent triumph in securing their third consecutive Kenya Cup title.

The exhilarating final of the 2023/2024 season witnessed Kabras Sugar succumb to a commanding 29-5 victory over their opponents, solidifying their stature as the dominant force in Kenyan 15s rugby.

In the wake of their remarkable achievement, Katywa was effusive in his praise for the fans, acknowledging their pivotal role in the team's success. 

"The fans have kept us going in every game; they have played a big role in our great season," remarked the veteran tactician.

He further extended appreciation to the club's management for their steadfast support and expressed optimism for continued backing in the future.

Particularly noteworthy was Katywa's recognition of fans based in Nairobi, who have fervently supported the team even in away matches.

 "I cannot be more appreciative of our fans, even when we come to Nairobi," Katywa emphasized.

 Despite being perceived as a western team, Kabras Sugar's supporters have made their presence felt across the country, matching every crowd with equal fervor. 

"Pound for pound, we are there," asserted Katywa, highlighting the unity and passion displayed by the fans.

Katywa underscored the significance of the triumph not only for the team but also for their community. "It is not really for us; it is for our small community," he remarked. 

The unwavering dedication of fans, sponsors, and supporters has been instrumental in Kabras Sugar's success, and Katywa expressed hope for their continued support in the future.

Looking ahead, Katywa revealed ambitious plans for the upcoming season, declaring their intention to pursue victory in all available competitions, including the upcoming Enterprise Cup which they intend to defend.

 "We want to keep on dominating our opponents, and that can only happen if we keep on improving in every game," he asserted.

With the Kenya Cup secured, Kabras Sugar sets their sights on further glory, aiming to clinch all trophies within reach.