Fake agents under fire as KEFWA realm strikes back


FOOTBALL Fake agents under fire as KEFWA realm strikes back

Festus Chuma 10:04 - 28.03.2024

Kenyan footballers have started receiving crucial awareness and support from KEFWA against these fraudulent practices.

Fake agents preying on the dreams and aspirations of budding football talents have met their match as the Kenya Footballers Welfare Association (KEFWA) launches a formidable campaign to rid the beautiful game of these deceitful operators. 

In a recent initiative, KEFWA, in collaboration with FIFPRO, FIFPRO Africa, the Didier Drogba Foundation, and the International Labour Organization (ILO), took a significant step forward in this battle by visiting the National Super League side, Vihiga Bullets Football Club, at their training grounds in Nairobi.

Victor Ashinga, the Legal Department Officer at KEFWA, highlighted the organization's dedication to protecting players across the nation.

 "As the players' union entrusted with safeguarding the rights and welfare of professional football players, we are resolute in our support and awareness-raising efforts, especially during the transfer period. We provide education and resources to empower our members, shielding them from unscrupulous individuals who prey on their dreams,” Ashinga emphasized, showcasing KEFWA's commitment to its members' safety and well-being.

Echoing Ashinga's sentiments, renowned coach Ongwae, a member of KEFWA, shed light on the dire consequences of engaging with fake agents. 

Ongwae shared a distressing account of a player lured into a deceptive arrangement by a so-called agent, only to find himself in a predicament that could have been avoided with proper guidance and vigilance.

 "The menace of fake agents has become prevalent in our league, and as a coach, I have experienced situations where my players became victims," Ongwae remarked, underscoring the importance of player education in these matters.

He further advised players on the critical steps to take when approached for transfers, stressing the importance of transparency with club management to ensure a smooth and secure transition.

 "When you get an opportunity to go to another team or are approached for a transfer, you should let the management know upfront because you will still need release letters," he added, pointing out the false promises made by deceitful agents.

The collaborative effort by KEFWA and its partners exemplifies a united front against the menace of fake agents, ensuring that Kenyan footballers can pursue their careers with confidence and security. 

Through education, empowerment, and vigilance, KEFWA's initiative promises a safer environment for footballers, allowing them to focus on achieving their dreams without the fear of falling victim to scams.

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