Kenya's boxing captain Elizabeth Andiego to challenge reigning champion Khadija Mardi in historic showdown

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BOXING Kenya's boxing captain Elizabeth Andiego to challenge reigning champion Khadija Mardi in historic showdown

Festus Chuma 09:36 - 29.07.2023

The Kenyan pugilist is seeking to make history as she takes on the undefeated Moroccan

The stage is set for an epic showdown as Kenya's national boxing team captain, Elizabeth Andiego, prepares to step into the ring once again with Africa's first-ever female world champion, Khadija Mardi of Morocco. 

The much-anticipated light-heavyweight semi-final bout is scheduled to take place this Sunday afternoon in Yaounde, Cameroon, during the prestigious Africa Championships.

The anticipation for this rematch has been building since last year when Mardi claimed victory over Andiego in the women's heavyweight final in Maputo, Mozambique. 

Mardi emerged as the undisputed gold medalist, while Andiego's valiant effort earned her a well-deserved silver, making her the first Kenyan female boxer to qualify for the finals of the Africa Championships.

Mardi, known for her dominance in the heavyweight division, surprised many when she initially announced she wouldn't participate in the Yaounde tournament due to the perceived lack of strong opposition. 

However, to everyone's delight, she changed her mind and decided to keep her skills sharp by competing in the event, viewing it as a crucial build-up to her upcoming appearance at the Olympic Games.

With the Olympic Games on the horizon, Mardi is determined to showcase her prowess in a lower weight class, as she aims to secure a spot in the middleweight berth if she qualifies in Dakar this September. 

The Yaounde tournament provides her with the perfect platform to refine her techniques and challenge herself against elite opponents.

For Andiego, this bout holds significant meaning as she seeks redemption for her previous loss to Mardi. 

The Kenyan captain has been tirelessly preparing, honing her skills, and devising a strategy to overcome the formidable Moroccan champion. 

The road to this rematch has been filled with dedication and determination, as she aims to rewrite history and claim the gold medal that has eluded her so far.

The stakes are high, not only for the pride and glory of the respective nations but also for a substantial prize purse. 

The organisers have offered an impressive Ksh2.1 million for the gold medalist, making the victory even sweeter. The silver and bronze medalists won't be left empty-handed either, with prizes of Ksh1.4 million and Ksh700,000, respectively.

Both Mardi and Andiego have captured the hearts of fans across the continent with their skill, determination, and inspiring journey in the world of boxing. 

As the two warriors step into the ring on Sunday afternoon, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of their nations, setting the stage for an unforgettable battle in the heart of Cameroon.