Dubois calls for justice after controversial loss to Usyk in heavyweight clash


BOXING: Dubois calls for justice after controversial loss to Usyk in heavyweight clash

Festus Chuma 15:00 - 27.08.2023

The British professional boxer seeks fairness after disputed heavyweight title defeat to Oleksandr Usyk, calls for corrective action against alleged injustice.

Daniel Dubois  has expressed his determination to seek justice after a heavyweight world-title loss that he believes was marred by controversy. 

The Briton faced off against champion Oleksandr Usyk in a bout that unfolded with unexpected drama and a shadow of doubt cast over the outcome.

The match, which took place in Poland, witnessed Dubois, an underdog in the eyes of many, deliver a powerful blow that sent Usyk to the canvas in the fifth round. 

However, the pivotal moment was deemed a low blow, resulting in Usyk being granted an almost four-minute reprieve to recover. 

Despite the setback, Usyk, the 36-year-old Ukrainian veteran, demonstrated his resilience by clinching victory through a knockout in the ninth round.

Dubois, refusing to accept defeat in silence, stated firmly that the perceived injustice must be addressed. 

"I should be a world champion right now. It wasn't justice. It needs to be called out and go further than living this lie. They just cheated out there," the 25-year-old contender was quoted by BBC Sport.

Usyk's response to the controversy highlighted the gritty determination that has characterized his career.

As the rounds progressed, the former undisputed cruiserweight champion showcased his prowess, especially reasserting his dominance in the seventh and eighth rounds. 

This victory marked his 21st professional win and maintained his undefeated record, paving the way for a potential showdown with WBC world champion Tyson Fury.

"I'm ready to fight Tyson Fury," declared Usyk, expressing his eagerness to take on another monumental challenge.

While negotiations for a clash between Fury and Usyk had faltered previously, the Ukrainian champion's recent performance added fuel to the anticipation for an epic encounter.

The bout underscored the contrasting boxing styles of the contenders, with Usyk's finesse and technical prowess evident from the first round. 

Dubois, who had previously suffered his only career loss against Joe Joyce, demonstrated his resilience by landing a significant uppercut in the second round. 

However, Usyk's agility and strategic finesse allowed him to maintain control, expertly dismantling Dubois in the early rounds.

One of the most memorable moments of the match was the thunderous right hook delivered by Dubois in the fifth round, sending shockwaves through the crowd.

Promoter Frank Warren echoed Dubois' sentiments, promising to pursue an appeal to rectify the perceived injustice. "It's all about a legitimate punch that stopped him, and he should have won. Everyone wants to see the unification [with Fury]."