Conjestina Achieng: Fatuma Zarika gives solution to boxing veteran’s persistent mental illness

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BOXING Conjestina Achieng: Fatuma Zarika gives solution to boxing veteran’s persistent mental illness

Joel Omotto 19:47 - 11.03.2024

Boxer Fatuma Zarika has explained how she feels veteran Conjestina Achieng can avoid slipping back to her mental problems once she recovers.

World Boxing Federation (WBF) World Super Featherweight champion Fatuma Zarika believes Kenya’s boxing legend Conjestina Achieng can regain her old self if she stays away from the village.

Conje was given another chance by former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko when she was reported to have slipped back to her metal problem in January, having returned to her home village in Siaya after recovering at a Mombasa hospital last year.

The veteran boxer had been admitted at the hospital for one year after which she made a full recovery with Soko promising her a job and vowing not to allow her back to the village.

However, she returned home and in January, media personality Carol Radull shared a worrying update about her health, prompting Sonko to give her a third chance.

“When she was in Mombasa, Sonko was taking care of her very well and I am sure even now, he has not abandoned her which should be lauded,” Zarika, who featured in an exhibition bout with Conje when she recovered last year, told Pulse Sports.

“When we were with her, her condition was good, she was aware of everything she was doing. What I feel is that when she recovers, it is not good to let her go back to the village because that is what is contributing to her problems.

“It would be good if she had been given something to do and a house in Nairobi so that she is busy and focused. Otherwise, if she goes back to idle in the village, then it is counterproductive.”

Zarika’s observation mirrors that of many who have accused Conje’s family of resting on their laurels and allowing her to slip back whenever she returns home.

Sonko also claimed in January that the boxing great’s family watered down his efforts to get her back on the straight and narrow while also accusing them of making some unrealistic demands.

Conje has been in and out of hospital since she was diagnosed with Schizoaffective, a mental health disorder, in 2011.

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