Mary Moraa's track rival Athing Mu shares lifehack she believes would be helpful to women

ATHLETICS Mary Moraa's track rival Athing Mu shares lifehack she believes would be helpful to women

Abigael Wafula 16:41 - 21.11.2023

Mary Moraa's track rival, Athing Mu, has shared one of her lifehacks which she believes would be very helpful to women in sport.

One of Mary Moraa’s track rivals, Athing Mu has shared a life hack that has helped her manage her track lifestyle and she hopes it would also benefit other young women.

The American said that she believes in being herself since there is nothing to hide and she does not have to put up a show to attract other people.

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“I feel like I just feel the best when I am just my true self because I care less about what others are doing or what a certain situation is like. 

I enjoy being myself because there is no filter and there is not much effort to be myself. Once I got to that point, I carried that to the track world where I enjoy being who I am and who I was created to be.

That’s something that I would 1000% give to other girls, just to be themselves,” Mu said during an interview with Voice in Sport.

She added that it’s better to be real and have a few genuine people surround you than be fake and have a million people fall in love with a version of you that does not exist.

The Olympic 800m champion also explained that with such a mentality, she has gathered people who have shown her genuine support and she has also been able to reciprocate.

“Literally be yourself…whoever likes it will like it and whoever doesn’t love it, it’s okay. However, you will absolutely bring in a crowd that appreciates you and you will also appreciate them.

What is it worth to have people who like you for being a false you? It’s best if you choose yourself and have genuine and authentic people just as you are,” she added.