Fans amused by Noah Lyles' nail polish done by 17-year-old

ATHLETICS Fans amused by Noah Lyles' nail polish done by 17-year-old

Abigael Wafula 20:17 - 04.03.2024

Fans have expressed mixed reactions towards Noah Lyles' nails that are done by a 17-year-old student.

Triple World Champion Noah Lyles not only stunned fans with his prowess in running at the World Indoor Championships but also with his colorful nail polish.

In a video posted on the World Athletics Instagram page, Lyles’ nails seemed to have caught the attention of many people who admitted not to have focused on what he was saying.

In the video, the two-time World 200m champion is seen expressing himself with his nails painted red with a touch of black. He was speaking about the 60m race at the global showpiece where he managed to finish second behind World Champion Christian Coleman.

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One fan commented on the video saying: “I didn’t hear a word he said because I couldn’t stop staring at the nails.”

Another user, Bitten Bit, added her comment saying: “Lots of men paint their nails and are not gay and so what if he was, it’s still his business.

“He could be a nail biter as well and acrylic helps control that behavior. Anyways, I love the nails.”

One harsh user asked in the comments: “What’s that bullshit on his fingers?” Another Instagram user added her comment saying: “I’m distracted by the nails. The hell?!!”

Many users had differing opinions on why Lyles would have his nails done while others had no problem with the American having his nails done.

Meanwhile, Lyles had also opened up about maintaining his nail color and not matching it with his outfit at the event. He explained that his nail tech is 17 years old and still in school so they rarely get to meet.

“I didn’t get in touch with my nail tech cause she gets to go to school cause she’s 17 and that means I can only get my nails done like once a month so I just decided to keep them than trying to take them off,” Lyles said.