A look at Sh72, 000 shoe that Tigist Assefa rode on to break the marathon World Record

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ATHLETICS: A look at Sh72, 000 shoe that Tigist Assefa rode on to break the marathon World Record

Abigael Wafula 11:06 - 26.09.2023

Competing in just but her third marathon, Tigist Assefa shattered the world record, and her running shoes are said to have played a huge role in that.

Ethiopia’s Tigist Assefa displayed dominance to not only win the 2023 Berlin Marathon but also set a world record.

The Ethiopian wowed fans with her impeccable performance since she was just competing in her third marathon. She clocked 2:11:53 to completely destroy Brigid Kosgei’s world record time of 2:14:04.

Assefa’s performance was not the only thing that struck the fans but her running shoes which made their first race appearance on Sunday.

As reported by the Independent, the Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 will retail for around £400 which is approximately Ksh 72,000, and is reportedly only designed to last for one race.

The shoes have a hefty price tag which is around Ksh 27,000 more than the average running shoes and Adidas is certainly sure that it’s a quality shoe. On their website, they have labeled the shoe as “a running shoe like no other” that is “enhanced with unique technology that challenges the boundaries of racing”.

According to further reports by the Independent, the shoe is 138 grams and it comes with a new foam design that ensures it remains optimised for a race despite its weight.

It has a sizeable 39-millimeter heel and it has a first-of-its-kind rocker at the front of the shoe which allows the runner to be projected forward at even greater speed and in a way that allows them to expend less energy.

Perhaps the only downside to the shoe’s mainstream appeal is its durability as, according to the German manufacturing giants, the shoe is only meant to last for one race.

Assefa was over the moon to have won the marathon as she claimed that the shoes were like nothing she had ever felt.

She added: “This is the lightest racing shoe I have ever worn and the feeling of running in them is an incredible experience.

I knew I wanted to go for the world record but I never thought I would do this time. It was the result of hard work.”