Karan Patel’s rally triumph paused as ARC race in Tanzania gets postponed

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MOTORSPORTS Karan Patel’s rally triumph paused as ARC race in Tanzania gets postponed

Festus Chuma 12:45 - 28.06.2023

Organisers request date change as late sponsorship confirmations lead to budget constraints

The eagerly anticipated Rally of Tanzania, which was set to host the fourth round of the African Rally Championship (ARC), has been postponed. 

The decision comes as a result of late sponsorship confirmations and time constraints, causing the organisers to file a request with the Fédération Internationale de 'Automobile (FIA) for a rescheduled date.

Kenyan driver Karan Patel, who emerged victorious in the 2022 Rally of Tanzania, now faces a prolonged wait before defending his title.

The Tanzanian organising committee released an official statement expressing regret for any inconvenience caused by the rescheduling.

"Due to late sponsorship confirmations and time constraints, the organisers have requested the FIA for a date change from 21/23 July 2023 to 10/12 Nov 2023, subject to FIA approval," the organisers posted.

The committee attributed the postponement to sponsorship issues, which have hindered the event's financial viability.

According to ARC, the Tanzanian Sports Ministry has stepped forward, offering its assistance to the organisers. Still, the allocated budget has only reached half of the necessary finances, highlighting the challenges faced by the organising team.

Despite the hurdles, the Tanzanian Motorsport Federation has reassured stakeholders that the event will not be cancelled, emphasising its significance for Tanzania and the African Rally Championship.

With only four weeks remaining until the original event date, the organisers found themselves under immense pressure to deliver a high-level race, which has always been their goal.

Recognising the need for adequate time and sufficient financial resources, the decision was made to postpone the event by four months.

The new proposed dates for the ARC Rally of Tanzania are set for the November 10-12 2023, pending FIA approval.

The news of the postponement has sent shockwaves through the racing community, with many expressing their disappointment.

Fans were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness another breathtaking display of skill and speed by Karan Patel, who secured a remarkable victory in the 2022 Rally of Tanzania.

Patel's outstanding performance not only showcased his driving prowess but also solidified his reputation as one of Kenya's most promising rally drivers.