Where next after Manchester United? Varane reveals possible destination

FOOTBALL Where next after Manchester United? Varane reveals possible destination

Kiplagat Sang • 10:39 - 25.03.2023

The French footballer picks out three clubs where he might end his playing career.

Former Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane has revealed his next possible destination after Manchester United.

The center-back, who retired from international football after France lost the 2022 World Cup final against Argentina, has revealed he might return to Lens – where he began his career – or to Real Madrid.

"I will finish my career either in Madrid, or in Manchester, or in Lens. I will not move to another club [other than those]," Varane told GQ Magazine.

"But Madrid seems complicated to me. Players don’t usually go back there. The most likely outcome today is that I will finish [my club career] in either Manchester or Lens."

The Red Devils are in better form this season and have already secured the Carabao Cup. They are also in the chase for Europa League and Premier League glory, and Varane explained why he looks improved from last season.

"This season is going well because I had a full pre-season! When was the last time that happened to me?" he asked.

"Recent seasons have always finished later and started earlier. We didn’t have time to work physically and when we weren’t playing we only had time for recovery.

"You can do this for a few seasons, but after a while, you either crash, or you are unrecognisable [from the player you were] for six months or a year on the field, or you get injured.

"That’s what happens to all great players, and that’s what I want to avoid."

The Champions League winner with Los Blancos also explained the reasons behind his early retirement from the French team.

"I am afraid that we are witnessing much shorter careers and that players will have to give up playing for the France team very early because physically and mentally, what we are asking today is simply beyond our limits," he concluded.

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