Suspected Arsenal fans set off fireworks outside Manchester City's hotel ahead of monumental Tottenham clash[VIDEO]

Suspected Arsenal fans set off fireworks outside Manchester City's hotel ahead of monumental Tottenham clash[VIDEO]

Mark Kinyanjui 14:15 - 14.05.2024

Suspected Arsenal fans light up fireworks outside Man City's hotel in London ahead of their game against Tottenham, only to be given a rude shock.

A couple of goons suspected to be Arsenal fans lit up fireworks outside Manchester City’s hotel ahead of the club’s epic clash against Tottenham Hotsput on Monday night.

The Gunners returned to the top of the Premier League on Sunday as they beat Manchester The Gunners had recently reclaimed the top spot in the league after a hard-fought victory against Manchester United, setting the stage for a nail-biting finale to the season. 

As anticipation mounts for the clash between Ange Postecoglou's Arsenal and Pep Guardiola's City, the outcome of the match is poised to influence the title race heading into the final stretch of the campaign.

However, the ill-conceived decision to target City's hotel with fireworks backfired dramatically.

 City's delegation had opted not to stay at the targeted hotel, choosing instead to travel to London on the morning of the match. The online response was swift, with the perpetrators ridiculed for their misjudgment and the futile attempt to disrupt City's preparations.

Amidst the rivalry between Arsenal and City, there was an unexpected show of solidarity from the Gunners' camp towards their North London rivals, Tottenham. 

Despite the historical animosity between the two clubs, Arsenal players and fans alike expressed their support for Tottenham ahead of their clash with City, recognizing the significance of the match in determining the title race.

In a rare display of unity, Arsenal midfielder Kai Havertz voiced his allegiance to Tottenham, stating, "I am going to be the biggest fan of Tottenham ever, we are all going to be. So let's hope for the best."

The sentiment was echoed by the Gunners' fanbase, although tempered with realism regarding Tottenham's chances. Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson even went as far as to pledge a tattoo of the Spurs emblem if they were to secure a positive result against City. 

"If Villa got beat tomorrow [Monday] by two or three, all of a sudden that goal difference changes a bit," he told Sky Sports. "If they go and get beat by one or two at Palace…

If they lost their next two games by two clear goals, I am not talking about the extraordinary here, that's four goals, then all of a sudden Tottenham...if they get a draw against City I am having a tattoo, and then they go and put six past Sheffield United.

"It all goes down to Tuesday, I am starting to want Arsenal not to win it now. It would be the little cockerel on the ball, but I will have it. I will have it."

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