Rio Ferdinand plods into rap battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar

Rio Ferdinand plods into rap battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar

Eric Munene • 15:00 - 10.05.2024

Rio Ferdinand recalls his encounter with rapper Drake

Former Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand has given his honest opinions on the rap battle going on between pop star Drake and rapper Kendrick Lamar, which has been making the airwaves in recent days.

The former Manchester United and England player went in two-footed over Drake’s lack of football loyalty.

His comments came while he was discussing one of the biggest feuds in music, which has seen the pop star and rapping great Kendrick Lamar hit back at one another in a series of multiple diss tracks.

Speaking on his YouTube channel Vibe with Five, Ferdinand reflected on his encounter with Drake, claiming he would never believe a word that came out of the 38-year-old musician's mouth after he deceived him.

"This is why I don't really believe some of the stuff he says because he lied to me to my face.’Oh Rio, you know why I love Man United? My friend, who's in prison, we played FIFA so much when we were younger.

"His team was Man United and I'd visit him in prison. So I had to follow my boy and now I'm a Man United man till I die man."

Soon after his visit to the Carrington, Rio expressed his disbelief when he saw Drake doing the same thing across high performing clubs in Europe.

"Bro, about a month later I saw my man at Chelsea with Drogba. Then I see him at Man City with Fernandinho, or Aguero, or Balotelli, or someone like that. Then I see him at Madrid, I see him at AC Milan, I see him at every single team that's doing well."

Rio Ferdinand went on and added that Drake let him down and that Kendrick has been ‘smoking’ him.