Namwamba pledges mega FKF Premier League sponsorship package

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FKFPL Namwamba pledges mega FKF Premier League sponsorship package

Mark Kinyanjui 19:46 - 30.05.2023

The Sports CS has pledged a 'mega deal' that will make the FKFPL more financially sustainable.

Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba has revealed that the ministry is preparing a ‘mega package’ for the next season after FKF announced that there would be no prize money for this campaign.

“I promise you, we are putting together a mega package, a package that has never been seen before ahead of the start of the next Kenya Premier League (FKFPL) season that will include a live broadcast of football, that will include significant sponsorship money going to the pockets of clubs and therefore the bags of players that is part of what we’re putting together under this Talanta Hela program,” the CS said.

Last week, FKF President Nick Mwendwa made it clear that there would be no prize money for winners in the FKFPL season owing to a lack of sponsorship in the league.

"There’s no money, and we won’t reward the league champions this season," Mwendwa told the Standard.

"We will not have any prize giving, where is the money going to come from? This was just a rescue season. We might want to try and even have a gala, but we don’t have the statistics and a committee in place that should have been following players’ performance."

In an interview with K24, Mwendwa promised that the committee was in the process of securing a mega deal that would not only sponsor FKFPL clubs but also the lower divisions as part of the plan to make clubs financially sustainable in preparations for the 2027 AFCON, which Kenya bid to host.

“We are going to have record breaking deals and sponsorships, not only for the Premier League but cut down to the bottom of the leagues.

“The president has enabled us to start wrapping up something along the ideas that we came up with the minister about how Kenyan football will be sponsored in a way that has never happened before.”

In 2021, the FKF Caretaker Committee took charge when former Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed disbanded the federation over allegations of misuse of funds.

After Namwamba took over the seat he reinstated the Mwendwa-led office and, subsequently, FIFA lifted the ban on Kenya.

"There was nobody to speak to the sponsors when we were forcefully removed from the office. We had a seven-year broadcasting deal with StarTimes worth 1.4 million dollars a year. We used to give clubs between Ksh300,000-Ksh400,000 per month.

"Do you know how such an amount of money comes in handy for these clubs? But that was cut off the day I was arrested. Two days later, StarTimes walked away."

“With more money in the league, you won’t have clubs and players suffering anymore, and with that, the competitive nature of our league will grow.”