'I have the 200 on-lock' - Noah Lyles exhudes confidence in specialist event, reveals what he plans to do to be stronger in 100m

Noah Lyles

'I have the 200 on-lock' - Noah Lyles exhudes confidence in specialist event, reveals what he plans to do to be stronger in 100m

Mark Kinyanjui 14:00 - 10.06.2024

Noah Lyles is confident of dominating the 200m at the USTAF Olympic trials and the Paris games themselves, but has revealed why he thinks he has more work to do in the 100m.

Noah Lyles has outlined his strategy for securing another three-peat of gold medals at the upcoming Paris Olympic Games.

 The reigning world champion in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m events, Lyles dominated the 2023 World Championships in Budapest and is now focusing on replicating that success in France.

While Lyles is confident in his performance in the 200m, which he has described as "nailed-on," evidenced by his impressive 19.77-second dash at the New York Grand Prix last weekend, he acknowledges that the 100m presents more of a challenge. 

Recently, he was bested by Oblique Seville in Jamaica, highlighting the need for additional focus on this event.

"I am trying to get my rhythm in the 100. That is really what it has been all about," Lyles stated. "I am the 100m world champion 2023, so I am not planning on giving that title up. I want to be the Olympic champion."

Lyles' confidence in the 200m is well-founded. "I know I have the 200 on lock. All I need is like two or three 200s and I will be like ‘Okay, I got this, this is in my back pocket’," he said. However, he recognizes that the 100m requires more attention. "I want to make sure that I drill in the event that is not as strong, and this year, I feel like we have done it."

The 200m event in New York marked his season opener, and Lyles secured a comfortable victory. Despite this, he acknowledges the competitive nature of the 100m, a race with no clear favorite and over eight athletes capable of dominating.

"I feel like I got the power for sure. I feel like I am trying to find my rhythm again," Lyles explained. "This is my first 200, but I feel it is still fast. This is my second or third fastest season opener. It was good regardless."

Lyles is determined to maintain his dominance across all events, emphasizing the importance of excelling at the USA trials. "We going strong at the USA (trials) and we have to be dominant in all the events," he asserted.

As the Paris Olympic Games approach, Lyles' targeted strategy and focus on both the 100m and 200m events will be crucial in his quest for another historic performance on the global stage.

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