Hojlund: Manchester United striker accused of cheating as war of words with San Marino continues

Rasmus Hojlund was marked for 90 minutes, with San Marino defenders not afraid to get stuck in. (Photo Credit: Mail Online)

Hojlund: Manchester United striker accused of cheating as war of words with San Marino continues

Izuchukwu Akawor 19:13 - 18.10.2023

San Marino players are not happy with Rasmus Hojlund for his comments after the game against Denmark.

San Marino players have reacted to claims by Manchester United’s striker Rasmus Hojlund that he was targeted during the game against Denmark.

Hojlund was on target as Denmark avoided a scare to beat San Marino 2-1 in a European Championship qualifier on Tuesday.

The United summer signing netted a stunning opener but the game would be overshadowed by controversies around how the home side treated Hojlund throughout the game. 

Hojlund accuses San Marino

The 20-year-old, who sealed a 72 million pound move from Atalanta in the summer, told reporters after the game about the attack, before taking to his Instagram story.

Hojlund and San Marino
Rasmus Hojlund was tormented by San Marino players on Tuesday night. (Photo Credit: Mail Online)

“'I feel they targeted me, as you can see at the end,” Hojlund told the media, per Mail Online. “I understand Italian, and I could hear them saying that they had the idea to crush me.”

“We do so much every day to be the best version of yourself and keep fit for so many games. This behaviour from San Marino last night, trying to injure me was unacceptable!” he added on his Instagram story.

Hojlund opened the scoring against San Marino. (Photo Credit: United Plug/X)

San Marino reacts to Hojlund

In a swift reaction, San Marino players have reacted to the claims made by Hojlund, with the United striker branded a ‘disappointment’ by defender, Roberto Di Maio.

Di Maio accused Hojlund of simulation and hoping for VAR to help him and Denmark. 


“Today I read that Mr 80 million is complaining because yesterday he received less than great treatment from the defenders of San Marino,” Maio posted on Instagram per Mail Online.

'’Well dear, probably in football like today where physical contact has disappeared you can allow yourself to make fun of us little opponents with ugly and repeated gestures or to simulate at every opportunity hoping for the VAR for a penalty.”

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