FIFA clears air on the LGBTQ+ discussions in Qatar

LGBTQ pride rainbow corner flag on display during the Sky Bet League 2 match Tranmere Rovers vs Rochdale at Prenton Park on October 25, 2022.

FIFA clears air on the LGBTQ+ discussions in Qatar

Fabian Simiyu 12:28 - 17.11.2022

Qatar prohibits any form of homosexuality and FIFA has weighed in on the matter

LGBTQ+ fans have been assured by FIFA that they can show public displays of affection at official World Cup venues in Qatar.

The statement has come a few days before the much-anticipated tournament in Qatar after Qatar had insisted that those found conducting any form of sexual misconduct would be punished accordingly.

Josh Cavallo, Australia's first active male professional footballer to come out as gay, has said that a country's stance on LGBTQ rights should be considered before awarding hosting rights for a major sporting event.

The One Love captains armband of Harry Kane of England on September 26, 2022.

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"I vow to stand up for the LGBTQ athletes and the fans at the World Cup in Qatar, who can't live openly, authentically. Qatar, FIFA, the world is watching. Do you see us?

"I urge sport leaders to consider our rights, our safety while choosing host countries for World Cups and other competitions. We must do better. I take this honour and duty and promise to rise to that challenge." Said Josh Cavallo.

Nasser Al Khater who is the chief executive of the 2022 World Cup has said that Qatar is a tolerant nation hence LGBTQ+ fans who will be present for the World Cup should put their fears away.

What Nasser Al Khater said

Gay fans will be welcome to display affection and rainbow flags as opposed to what the Qatari government had already communicated earlier on.

Harry Kane of England with captain's armband with LGBTQ on September 26, 2022.

FIFA will have to decide on captains wearing "One Love" armbands while cautioning against "political messages" by teams.

Special areas will be created for drunken supporters to sober up contrary to what had been announced earlier that there will be specific drinking shop outlets and that the alcohol would be regulated.