Dormant Harambee Starlets remain stagnant in latest FIFA rankings

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FOOTBALL Dormant Harambee Starlets remain stagnant in latest FIFA rankings

Festus Chuma 15:28 - 24.03.2023

Starlets remained on the same spot they held in December on the world ladder.

Kenya women senior team are unmoved in the latest world rankings released by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) on Friday.

March’s ranking sees the Harambee Starlets still occupy the same 149th spot from the last ranking published in December 9 as well as the same total accumulated points of 991.

The former CECAFA champions remained motionless as a result of the team’s failure to play a match since February 2022 when FIFA suspended Kenya for government interference in football which led to them being banned from participating in international football matches.

Despite their inactivity in recent international windows, Starlets remains the best women’s side in the CECAFA region, ahead of rivals Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, ranked 152, 160, and 163, respectively.

Starlets are set to return to action next month in an international friendly against Albania, set to be played on April 11 in Tirana, four months after the ban was lifted.

Albania ascended to position 72nd after climbing one place on the rankings despite not being active in the past six months.

Nigeria remains the top ranked nation in Africa as they are placed 42nd globally, followed by South Africa (54), Cameroon (56), Ghana (59), and Ivory Coast (64).

The Super Falcons are three places up as they were involved in three international friendlies in March against Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

World Cup champions, the United States of America, remains the number one team in the world, a position they have held since 2017.

Germany remained second globally, followed by England at third position, while France are fifth on the rankings.

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