Barcelona risk losing exceptional youngster for only €10m

Barcelona stars for the present and future Lamine Yamal amd Pau Cubarsi || Image credit: Imago

Barcelona risk losing exceptional youngster for only €10m

Faruq Ibrahim 15:08 - 03.03.2024

Barcelona face a perilous gamble: the potential loss of an extraordinary young talent for a mere 10 million euros.

In the labyrinth of football's transfer market, Barcelona stands at a critical crossroads, facing the daunting prospect of losing a prodigious talent for a meagre sum.

Emergence of Pau Cubarsí: A Future Star in the Making

Amidst the buzz surrounding emerging talents like Lamine Yamal, Barcelona's spotlight has shifted to another rising star: Pau Cubarsí. 

Born in 2007, the young Spaniard has defied age barriers, earning a coveted spot in the first-team ranks despite his status as a first-year youth. 

From rigorous training sessions to battling seasoned adversaries in the reserve team, Cubarsí has showcased remarkable maturity and skill, catching the attention of none other than Rafa Márquez, who advocated for his promotion to the professional squad.

A Rising Phenom with Uncertain Future

Debuting with flair and finesse, Cubarsí's stellar performances have solidified his place as an undisputed starter. With pundits already anointing him as the heir to Gerard Piqué's legacy, Cubarsí's trajectory seems destined for greatness. 

Barcelona's young defender Pau Cubarsi || Image credit: Imago
Barcelona's young defender Pau Cubarsi || Image credit: Imago

However, amidst the accolades lies a pressing concern: his contract holds a paltry 10 million euro release clause, according to CatRadio—a tempting proposition for rival clubs eyeing his talents.

Urgency for Contract Renewal

Deco and Joan Laporta find themselves in a race against time to secure Cubarsí's future at Barcelona. With whispers of top-tier clubs circling, eager to trigger his release clause, the urgency for a contract renewal has never been more apparent. 

Barcelona's hierarchy recognises Cubarsí's potential to become a global phenomenon and is determined to thwart any attempts to lure him away with promises of higher wages elsewhere.

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