Arsenal have to be 'absolutely perfect' against Manchester City- Arteta

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PREMIER LEAGUE Arsenal have to be 'absolutely perfect' against Manchester City- Arteta

Mark Kinyanjui 23:59 - 25.04.2023

Arsenal will have to get all three points against Manchester City if they are to stand a chance of staying in the title race.

Mikel Arteta believes that his side must find “perfection in every ball” against Manchester City if they are to stand a chance of winning against their close title rivals on Wednesday.

Arsenal have drawn against Liverpool, West Ham and Southampton in the last three games, blowing an 8 point lead in the process as a result.

The situation has left the club with no life chips remaining, meaning that they must collect maximum points against the defending champions to ensure the title remains in their hands.

“Obviously the belief is there. When I look at how they trained, how they reacted after that, the mood in the dressing room, how they’ve been defending each other in every moment,” Arteta said.

“We really want it and we’re going to show that again tomorrow night. Then you have to deliver in the right moment, the right performance and it has to be perfect because that’s what this last level demands – absolute perfection in every single ball.”

The club have not defeated Manchester City in a league game since 2015, but Arteta believes bad records can be ended.

The Spanish tactician worked with City manager, Pep Guardiola for three seasons as his assistant so he has been privy to his thinking and his methods in a way most opposition coaches have not.

“Obviously we are working on their threats and weaknesses, and we know where they are. The issue with a team like City is that it starts with the goalkeeper. He is a threat when the ball is with him. You have to control every single one,” Arteta said.

“Just focus on us. We know what they want to do and will try to do. They can do various things. They play with a box inside, they can can play with a diamond, they can build the game with three, they can be asymmetric on one side, they can play Bernardo on the right and play with a diamond with Walker higher.

“They can do so many things that you have to be adaptable and focus on certain principles to take the game where you want it.”