Navigating Sports Betting Trends Across New Zealand and Kenya

Navigating Sports Betting Trends Across New Zealand and Kenya

08:00 - 06.06.2024

New Zealanders are known as passionate fans of all risky activities, including casinos and sports predictions. Industry revenue is projected to reach $1.25 billion in 2024, with a CAGR of 5.58% through 2029.

At the same time, this entertainment is also in demand in Kenya. Preferences of these countries’ residents vary, but they are united to receive positive emotions and profit from their bets in online sportsbooks.

Top Popular Sports in New Zealand and Kenya

Sports have no borders and unite people globally. Lovers of particular disciplines follow international matches and engage in communities so as not to miss something special. Let’s learn about the most popular options right now.

Rugby & Football

Rugby is a significant market in the Kenyan betting industry: juicy odds on the loudest matches are available on most bookmaker platforms operating in the country. Many teams from the state compete in the global arena, and residents are happy to support their favourite athletes.

New Zealanders are passionate about football, and it’s in third place in terms of popularity. Even though online betting on domestic platforms is forbidden in New Zealand, locals can freely join bookmaker sites abroad and make their predictions without limits.

New Zealand Online Gambling and Sports Betting

Betting platforms and reputable online casinos in New Zealand presented at CasinoDeps portal are part of the country’s culture, and this entertainment can be considered national. Kiwis are keen on different sports, and many of them would never refuse the opportunity to take a risk and make a prediction during a match.


Which sport comes to mind when thinking about New Zealand? Of course, it’s cricket. It’s difficult to underestimate the impact of this discipline on the country’s residents since they engage in it from early childhood.

Horse Racing

Horse racing betting is among the oldest types of risky entertainment and if before sports fans had to visit hippodromes and bookmaker offices, now everything is much simpler. Almost every online betting platform in New Zealand offers lucrative odds and generous promotions.

Kenyan-Specific Sports Betting

The betting industry is rapidly developing in Kenya, and numerous local and overseas online sportsbooks have entered the country’s market and offer amazing conditions. Punters can access barely every sport they would like to bet on. Let’s explore the preferences of Kenyan risk seekers!


This sport is usually not on the top list in online sportsbooks, but Kenyans are known as their loyal fans. It may take a while to find a bookmaker site with athletics events. However, some international and local bookies still offer amazing odds and generous bonuses for athletics betting fans.


Basketball is the top discipline for betting globally, and Kenyan punters are also keen on it. Most online sportsbooks in Kenya and beyond offer lots of markets, profitable odds, and an amazing choice of basketball competitions, so users should only find a reputable site and have fun.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting has been in demand for centuries, and it will hardly lose its popularity in the future. New Zealanders and Kenyans are keen on gambling and prefer to diversify match-watching by placing a prediction on the most exciting events. The gambling industry in New Zealand is dynamic, with strict local laws limiting casinos but a lenient attitude towards offshore platforms.

Rugby and football are on the top list for betting globally – most punters would choose them when entering an online sportsbook. Kiwis are also passionate about cricket and horse racing, which are part of the country’s cultural heritage.