World 400M silver medalist Matthew Hudson-Smith  on how training with Noah Lyles enabled him to improve

World 400M silver medalist Matthew Hudson-Smith on how training with Noah Lyles enabled him to improve

Mark Kinyanjui 20:00 - 18.04.2024

The British sprinter moved to America in 2017 after a disappointing eight place finish in the 400m of the 2016 Olympic games, where he got to train with the likes of Noah Lyles.

British sprinter Matthew Hudson-Smith, the 400m World Silver medalist, has attributed much of his athletic development to training alongside world-class athletes like Noah Lyles during his time in America.

Hudson-Smith, who holds both British and European records with a personal best of 44.26 seconds in the 400m, made the pivotal decision to relocate to the United States following the 2016 Olympic Games. 

. During that time, Hudson-Smith dominated the H6 and SF3 events, qualifying for the finals in Brazil. It was a proud moment for the athlete but he also felt boastful about it.

He recalls how he came from an injury and achieved the feats making him feel too proud of himself. However, this sense of superiority hit him hard when he could not perform like he thought he would  during an appearance on Justin Gatlin’s 'Ready Set Go' podcast.

“So technically, it’s my second year in 400, so I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is easy.’ I mean, I made the Olympic finals. I walked in there, thinking I’m going to win this…Boy, was I wrong.”

After completing his university studies, he sought to further hone his skills and improve his performance in the 400m event.

In America, Hudson-Smith found himself immersed in a highly competitive training environment, rubbing shoulders with elite athletes such as reigning 100m and 200m champion Noah Lyles, his brother Joe Lyles, and the 2016 Olympic Games gold medalist Shaunae Miller.

Reflecting on his experience, Hudson-Smith shared insights from his time training with these world-class athletes.

"In the UK, I was like a big fish in a small pond," Hudson-Smith remarked. "But when I moved to America, I realized I had to elevate my game to compete at that level."

Describing the competitive spirit within the training group, Hudson-Smith noted the determination and drive shared among the athletes.

 "We all wanted the same thing, and we pushed each other to strive for excellence," he added.

Hudson-Smith expressed gratitude for the invaluable lessons learned from training with such a talented group of athletes.

 "Being in that environment taught me maturity. It taught me resilience and determination, not just on the track but in life," he shared.

Concluding his reflections, Hudson-Smith credited his growth and development as an athlete and individual to his time training with Noah Lyles and the elite group of athletes in America.

 "I am the person I am today because of them, and I am incredibly grateful for the experience and the lessons learned," he concluded.

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