Olympic champion to auction medal for Ksh65 million after 56 years

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ATHLETICS Olympic champion to auction medal for Ksh65 million after 56 years

Abigael Wafula 06:33 - 25.01.2024

The 1968 Olympic long jump champion will be auctioning his gold medal for at least Ksh 65 million.

Former long jump world record holder Bob Beamon plans to auction his 1968 Olympic gold medal.

Anyone with at least Ksh65 million can get hold of it with the auction set for February 1 at the prestigious specialist firm 'Christie's' and its specialists believe it could fetch more than Ksh97 million.

Beamon jumped a world record during the event that remained in place for 23 years, until Mike Powell jumped 8.95m at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, a record that even today, 32 years later, remains unbeaten.

As reported by Marca, Powell's record did not reach the mythical status of Beamon's since it came at a time when mankind was feeling very reflective.

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The jump has been studied, as it deserves to be, and it was said to have been six seconds, 19 running steps, and a jump. The first three jumpers in the long jump final had all missed.

Beamon jumps, like everyone else, at an altitude of 2,250 metres. In his favour, a wind of two metres per second, the maximum allowed for a record to be approved.

After the optical meter failed to register it, the judges asked for a tape measure, and after 20 minutes they gave the verdict of 8.90 metres.

After the record was taken off him in 1991, Beamon's life has been quiet. He was selected in the 1969 NBA draft but never made his debut. He has been an athletic promoter and coach, an artist, and has been able to cultivate his love of jazz.

"I've enjoyed it for 55 years, but I think now it's something that everybody can see and somebody can enjoy,” Beamon told Sports Illustrated. Casey Rogers, director of the auction said the medal allows you to "touch a moment in history."