Michael Johnson's recent post sparks mixed reactions from track & field fans

Michael Johnson's recent post sparks mixed reactions from track & field fans

Abigael Wafula 08:00 - 30.04.2024

A recent post from Michael Johnson has elicited mixed reactions from fans who have been tagging retired sprint star AsafaPowell.

The Diamond League Meeting in Suzhou, China concluded with a lot of mixed reactions from many track and field fans with many of them sharing their opinions on their social media handles.

American sprint legend Michael Johnson was also not left behind, with his recent post seemingly aiming at the events that occurred over the weekend.

The four-time Olympic champion shared a tweet on his X (Twitter) handle saying: “There’s a difference in the ability to run fast and the ability to win major races.”

His tweet has sparked mixed reactions, with some fans thinking the information should be addressed to retired Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powel. One fan, commented under his post saying: “Asafa Powell knows this all too well.”

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Another fan, added his sentiments, saying: “Quite true. And it is hard to combine the two.” Gerard O’Reilly also commented saying: “Yes Asafa Powell is an example. He would run the fast times throughout the season but would come up short when it came to the major championships.”

Alistair Canlin added another comment below Johnson’s post saying: “That’s the problem with the 5 & 10k in the Diamond League… the use of pacemakers has distorted running, so that when it comes to a championship nobody knows how to run a slow tactical race… oh wait… you were talking about sprinting weren’t you…”

Michael Turner also added his opinion saying: “We British TV viewers learnt this lesson many times when watching men’s 5000m and 10000m major finals in the decades before Mo Farah, world record-breakers unable to win gold.”

Another one commented saying: “Still one of the best strategic major races I've ever seen was Matt Centrowitz in that 1500m final in Rio. Wasn't the fastest guy in the field by any means but on that day he certainly was the smartest.”

One final comment from a fan said: “Repeat that again so those in the back can hear you. Because it's apparent they didn't hear you the first time.”