American sprint icon reveals specific achievements that make athletes earn mouth-watering pots of money

American sprint icon reveals specific achievements that make athletes earn mouth-watering pots of money

Mark Kinyanjui 20:47 - 14.05.2024

The 2004 Olympic 100m gold medalist has revealed the specific achievements that tend to make athletes earn life-changing money.

Former American sprinted Justin Gatlin has revealed what he had to do in his career to attract mouth-watering endorsements before hanging up his spikes in 2021.

Gatlin raced in a career that spanned 20 years, where he was able to win an Olympic gold at the Athens Olympic games in Paris in 2004, as well as four world titles and three Diamond League victories in his career.

Although he found himself twice on the wrong end of doping violations, he fought against the odds from the age of 28 in 2010 to become a fine sprinter until he called time on his career,

He was finally able to win a World Championship 100m title in 2017, finally beating Usain Bolt, who intended to retire after that event.

However, the achievement was able to get him attracting numerous mouth-watering endorsements  and invitations given his status as a World Champion. Now, the 42-year old has revealed the significance that came with winning that gold medal in London.

“After winning worlds in ‘17 and the Olympics in 2004, (the) demand (was) higher, “ Gatlin was quoted as saying on his Ready-Set-Go podcast.

“You are always going to make your money on the other side. If you win a medal, your demand goes higher either at the races that come after the championship in the same seasons or the next season, where you will be able to make more money at the circuit.”

Gatlin has revealed he once turned down an event in Canada that offered him potentially life-changing money because he was focused on qualifying for a World Championship at one point in his career.

“They offered me really good money, but I was focused on the bigger picture which is like getting ready for a championship.”

“It did not fit my equation, so I had to turn the money down. Our sport is different from others like the NFL. 

“A Lot of athletes’ contracts are worth six figures, but when you are a highly sought-after athlete, your appearance fee is six-figures.

“You also make money when you get onto the track and run because they are also looking for you to win, so you are going to win the price money and the appearance fee as well.”

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