Justin Gatlin reveals how losing to Jamaica's Oblique Seville will fuel Noah Lyles ahead of Olympics

Justin Gatlin reveals how losing to Jamaica's Oblique Seville will fuel Noah Lyles ahead of Olympics

Mark Kinyanjui 11:41 - 09.06.2024

The 2004 Olympic 100m champion has revealed how Noah Lyles will use the loss to Oblique Seville at the Racers' Grand Prix as fuel to do well ahead of the Paris games.

Former 100m Olympic champion Justin Gatlin has shared his thoughts on how Noah Lyles' recent defeat at the Racers Grand Prix to Jamaica’s Oblique Seville will serve as a driving force for the 100m champion as he prepares for the Olympics.

Seville emerged victorious in the race, clocking a world-leading and personal best time of 9.82 seconds. Lyles finished close behind at 9.85 seconds, with Ferdinand Omanyala completing the podium in 10.02 seconds.

While some fans might be concerned about Lyles' performance, Gatlin believes this loss will be a critical motivator for him. 

According to Gatlin, this setback will prevent Lyles from becoming complacent as he strives to be the first man since Usain Bolt to win gold in both the 100m and 200m events this summer.

“He is going to use these as tools to fire him up for the next time around. Now, it's a 9.85; tomorrow might be a 9.82, or it might be a 9.80," Gatlin said on his Ready Set Go podcast.

“But it does not derail Noah from what he is planning to do, which is to dominate the 200m and 100m, especially at the trials for the Olympics."

Gatlin emphasised that Lyles remains the fastest American in the 100m and highlighted his potential in the 200m.

“He is the fastest American by far right now in the 100m, and we already know that when he opens up his 200m, we might see something very amazing. Let us hold off and see exactly what will happen," added Gatlin.

Gatlin also pointed out that Lyles may not have anticipated Seville’s remarkable performance. “I don’t think Noah was prepared for Oblique being there and ready to run that fast. Now, he is aware of what Oblique can do.”

In addition to discussing Lyles, Gatlin praised the intense support for track and field in Jamaica, describing the fans as passionate and demanding.

"When you walk into Jamaica, you are going into the lion’s den. This is the reason why I did not run there for almost a decade. You are going to compete in front of the most passionate fans of track and field," said Gatlin.

“They’re gonna boo you if you sound bad and cheer for you if you do your best, and that is all that matters.”

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