Voiya Lumwach disgnoses ailing Taekwondo in Kenya

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TAEKWONDO Voiya Lumwach disgnoses ailing Taekwondo in Kenya

Abigael Wafula 10:35 - 26.03.2023

Soaring inflation has made it difficult for the federation to attract sponsors.

The Nairobi Taekwondo Association chairman Voiya Lumwach has cited lack of funding as the major challenge affecting the sport in the country.

Lumwach expressed difficulty in merely hosting events within the country as a result. The federation resorts to requesting participating teams to help raise funds towards the same.

“Taekwondo is doing well but lack of funds is what draws us back. The teams participating in events help us in raising the funds through the registration fees. It’s not easy but at the moment we don’t have a choice,” he said.

Lumwach revealed that with the high cost of living in the country at the moment, it is difficult for the federation to attract sponsors.

“During these difficult times, it is not easy to get sponsors. However, some federations from abroad have pledged to work with us and I hope that will build us. With funds, I’m sure we shall be able to market the sport,” he said.

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Lumwach also revealed that his main aim going forward is to ensure the promising athletes get a chance to represent the country at next year’s All Africa Games and Olympics.

He also called upon the Ministry of Sports to support the clubs in the grassroots considering that is where talent comes from.

“They should not only support athletes at the national level but also the county level. The clubs are really struggling and you know that is where there is raw talent,” he said.