Burundian star in awe of Angella Okutoyi's playing style at Billie Jean King Cup

Burundian star in awe of Angella Okutoyi's playing style at Billie Jean King Cup

Abigael Wafula 20:00 - 17.06.2024

The Burundian star admitted that Okutoyi might have overpowered her during the singles match they played against each other at the Nairobi Club.

Sada Nahimana, the Burundian tennis star, is in awe of Angella Okutoyi’s style of playing at the just concluded Billie Jean King Cup III at the Nairobi Club.

Nahimana lost to Okutoyi in the singles match and she admitted that the Kenyan tennis sensation overpowered her at some point and she had to surrender.

The Burundian star noted that the home crowd was tough for her since they were cheering Okutoyi on and she had never played before a crowd that was against her. She tried hard to focus on herself and her style of play but she admitted that her body wasn’t moving as she had wanted.

Nahimana noted that one reason she came to Kenya was to play against a quality field and playing against Okutoyi has worked well for her.

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“I tried my best but it didn’t work out and the conditions were very tough for me but I felt like I fought and gave my all. I was looking forward to this match and I’m glad I played against Angie and she played an amazing game. This is why I came here, to play good matches.

“It was also tough to manage with the crowd but it is what it is. I was just trying to focus on myself and I fought and Angie played well. I felt like I played well too.

“I wasn’t moving well because my style of play is moving a lot and I bring a lot of balls back maybe because Angie was overpowering me, it could be. I just didn’t feel comfortable with what I was doing but that doesn’t define the match,” she said.

Going forward, Nahimana will be playing in matches in Europe as she keeps sharpening her talons ahead of her major assignments.

“I haven’t played with a crowd that is against me because in Burundi I play before a crowd that cheers me on. It was interesting for the crowd to be against me and it was a new experience. After this, I’ll be going to Europe and I’ll be playing the whole summer,” she said.