Why Engin Firat will travel to South Africa but will not directly take charge of Harambee Stars at COSAFA tournament

Why Engin Firat will travel to South Africa but will not directly take charge of Harambee Stars at COSAFA tournament

Twiga • 17:18 - 25.06.2024

Firat will travel to South Africa but will not directly handle the team at the COSAFA tournament, and he has now exclusively explained why.

Harambee Stars head coach Engin Firat has made the decision to travel to South Africa for the COSAFA Cup, although he will not directly be involved on the technical bench. 

Firat, who recently achieved an encouraging draw against African champions Ivory Coast in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, is driven by a future-oriented mission that necessitates his presence at the regional football jamboree.

Firat will not take a hands-on role at the tournament, with assistant coach Ken Odhiambo taking charge of the team, but he plans to be in the stands for all their matches.

 In an exclusive interview with Pulse Sports, he elaborated on his reasons for attending the COSAFA Cup and shared his vision for the future of Kenyan football.

“I have to go there because a lot of young Kenyan players will be playing, and they are the future,” Firat said.

 “In the immediate future is the upcoming CHAN Tournament, where only players under the age of twenty-three years are eligible to feature.”

Breaking his vacation in Turkey, Firat returned to Africa with the specific aim of closely monitoring the young talents participating in the COSAFA Cup.

 “I must get a good look at these upcoming players and have a comprehensive report on each one of them,” he explained. “That will be helpful as we inch towards the CHAN.

“ Kenyans deserve good performance from the national team, and that is what I want to strive to always give. Therefore, I must start by getting the best players to represent them.”

Firat’s commitment to the Harambee Stars is evident in his willingness to forego his holiday for the sake of the team's preparation.

 “They have always supported Harambee Stars in every situation. They have traveled far to cheer the team, and they deserve the best. So instead of spending time on holiday, I’d rather get busy preparing the CHAN team for a good showing when the tournament starts,” he emphasized.

The Turk's dedication to improving the national team is driven by a desire to build a robust and competitive squad that can make Kenyans proud.

 By scouting talent at the COSAFA Cup, Firat aims to identify promising players who can bolster the national team’s performance in upcoming competitions. 

His proactive approach underscores his commitment to elevating Kenyan football and ensuring that the Harambee Stars are well-prepared for future challenges.

Firat’s strategic move to scout at the COSAFA Cup demonstrates his long-term vision for Kenya, focusing on the development of young talent and the overall improvement of the team’s performance on the international stage. 

As he continues to work towards these goals, Firat’s efforts are a testament to his dedication to Kenyan football and his resolve to bring success to the national team.

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