Shabana set conditions for registering bona fide branches for fans locally and abroad

FKFPL Shabana set conditions for registering bona fide branches for fans locally and abroad

Twiga • 13:40 - 25.07.2023

Tore Bobe want an organized unit from the playing unit, secretariat all the way to the fans.

FKF Premier League returnees Shabana FC have embarked on an organized fan-recruitment drive which they hope will fetch them an ambitious 10 million supporters in Kenya and beyond the borders.

Shabana Secretary General Elizaphan Kerama shared with Pulse Sports an organized drive that will group fans into registered branches with details of each fan.

This, the good doctor Kerama, believes is one of the surest ways of harnessing the club’s vast support to mount a solid challenge for the FKF Premier League title.

We want to lay out everything in an organized manner and in good time so that our supporters find it easy to access matches, information, merchandise, and other products. It would also be very easy for the club to grow if and when we are organized at all levels,” Kerama remarked

For a branch to qualify for registration with Shabana, there must be at least fifty members. Each member will be required to part with Ksh500 annually and each branch is obligated to render Sh10,000 to obtain a registration certificate and be recognized as a branch.

Shabana are returning to Kenya’s top-flight football division after almost three decades of absentia and hope to capitalize on the euphoric following the team gained in the course of their National Super League-winning season.

The club is alive to the reality of the astronomical costs of sustaining the team and keeping it competitive in the FKF Premier League and thus hopes to conduct a number of fundraisers to jumpstart their much-hyped return next month.

We have supporters locally and from the diaspora and it would only be fair if they enjoyed the privileges of supporting the club by getting the right information in time and accessing genuine merchandise that helps the club grow and we believe having these branches will go a long way in ensuring that everything flows smoothly,” the SG said