Shabana coach Sammy ‘Pamzo’ Omollo banking on league break to escape relegation

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FKFPL Shabana coach Sammy ‘Pamzo’ Omollo banking on league break to escape relegation

Festus Chuma 14:09 - 10.03.2024

Shabana coach Omollo sees the FIFA international break as crucial for fixing mistakes and reviving the team amidst a challenging season.

Shabana FC head coach Sammy ‘Pamzo’ Omollo is eyeing the upcoming FIFA international break as a crucial period for the team’s revival following a challenging phase in the league. 

The Glamour Boys have been grappling with a series of disappointing outcomes in the second half of the season, leaving them in a precarious position on the league table.

Despite their efforts, recurring issues, particularly in defense, have hampered their progress. Omollo is confident that the break presents an ideal opportunity for both rectification and recuperation.

"We have been repeating the same mistakes in our backline, and this must stop. We have attempted to address these issues during training, yet the mistakes persist in subsequent games. However, I attribute this to players' inexperience," Omollo conveyed.

Further elaborating on the team’s situation, Omollo expressed unity and determination within the squad to overcome their hurdles.

 "In the games we have lost, it has not been our desire as players, the technical bench, and leaders; we stand united," he affirmed.

With the international break on the horizon, Omollo is optimistic about utilizing this time effectively. 

"The international break will provide an opportunity for me to rectify these mistakes, and for players with injuries to recover. I will use this time to make improvements for the remaining games," he noted.

Shabana's recent 3-2 defeat against KCB has further intensified the urgency for a turnaround. 

Currently placed 17th in the league, just two points above the bottom team, every match here on is a battle for survival. 

The Glamour Boys' next league encounter is against Posta Rangers on Saturday 6 April, following the FIFA international break, at Raila Odinga Stadium. 

Before the crucial match, Shabana faces AFC Leopards in the Round of 16 of the FKF Cup offering another opportunity for redemption.

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