German Police recommend England fans use unbelievable drug instead of alcohol at Euros

German Police recommend England fans use unbelievable drug instead of alcohol at Euros

Eric Munene 16:00 - 14.06.2024

Cannabis preferred over alcohol by German authorities ahead of England and Serbia clash

Ahead of the Euro matches, German police in Gelsenkirchen are urging England fans to opt for cannabis over alcohol consumption, aiming to maintain peace and calmness during the games.

The initiative comes as a response to concerns about potential aggression stemming from alcohol consumption, particularly during the ‘high-risk’ England vs. Serbia match.

According to The Sun the police have advocated for the consumption of low-alcohol beer during the games, emphasizing the need to prevent violence and ensure the safety of all attendees.

A spokesperson for the Gelsenkirchen Police stated that while cannabis consumption is permitted on the streets, fans are prohibited from smoking inside the VELTINS Arena and fan zones.

However, they encourage fans to choose cannabis over alcohol, as it tends to induce a more relaxed and non-aggressive state.

“Drinking alcohol can make someone more aggressive, and smoking cannabis puts people in a chill mood."

This unconventional approach aligns with Germany's recent legislation, which legalized the cultivation and personal consumption of cannabis in limited quantities on April 1st earlier this year.

Despite this legalization, smoking cannabis in public spaces during the Euros remains prohibited, including bars and city squares.

Chief Inspector Christof Burghardt highlighted the potential risks associated with the England vs. Serbia match due to the historical presence of hooliganism among both sets of fans.

He expressed concerns about the aggressive behavior often fueled by alcohol consumption, particularly among English supporters.

Burghardt emphasized the importance of early identification and separation of disruptive groups to maintain order and ensure the safety of all attendees.

Germany's decision to legalize cannabis reflects a broader trend toward regulating its use, aiming to manage the behavior of cannabis users effectively.

This move acknowledges the widespread use of cannabis in the country and seeks to address it through legalization and regulation.

With an estimated 40,000 English fans expected to travel to Gelsenkirchen to support their team, and a smaller contingent of Serbian fans, maintaining security and managing potential conflicts remain top priorities for the authorities.